Day Programs and Day Care for Dementia

Boston, MA

A positive experience for people with memory loss.

Caregivers face a number of challenges when they watch loved ones struggle with their memories. All families of dementia patients must cope with the emotional toll of the family member's drastic memory loss. However, some families must also undertake the logistics of procuring quality care. Whether you have a full-time job or whether you simply need a bit of rest, Rogerson House offers a day program for those with dementia in the Boston, MA area that can help you handle the stresses of caregiving.

What is Day Care for Adults with Dementia?

Though some people with dementia require full-time care, others still benefit from the familiarity of living at home. Rogerson House's day care for dementia patients is a nurturing program for people suffering from memory loss. Dementia programs in Boston, MA can also relieve caregivers of some stress by offering a safe and effective care alternative.

Those with dementia and other types of memory loss benefit from the routine and familiarity of attending a regular program. Rogerson House's day programs offer activities to help keep their minds and bodies active. Through social engagements, nutritious meals and expressive therapies, participants gain confidence. Day program participants at Rogerson House go home feeling happy and calm.

Where Can I Find Dementia Programs in Boston MA?

Dementia day programs in Boston, MA are available at Rogerson House, one of the area's top professional care communities for people suffering from Alzheimer's disease and other forms of memory loss. From the unique design to the expressive therapy program, everything is designed to provide comfort and a positive experience for your loved one.

Day program participants at Rogerson House also enjoy:

  • Cooking groups
  • Musical performances at Rogerson House in opera, voice and musical theater
  • Physical activity to build endurance, strength and balance
  • Group walks around Jamaica Pond
  • Art therapy
  • Catered meals, barbecues and birthday parties
  • Expression through poetry, writing and discussion
  • Reminiscing through music
  • Yoga groups
  • Enjoying nature with gardening, outdoor activities and greenhouse visits

Rogerson House is here to serve adults suffering from memory loss and to assist caregivers. Caregiving is a tough job, and you need to take time for yourself in order to continue providing your loved one with high-quality care. Our day program and day care for dementia is designed to give you and your loved ones the greatest comfort possible.