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This robust expressive therapies program is woven into the fabric of Rogerson House. Assisted living residents and day program participants both reap the benefits of the Rogerson ARCHESSM framework. Projects use music and yoga, artistic expression, or exploration of historic or contemporary artists to help improve hand-eye coordination, promote self-expression, and inspire a sense of joy and contentment.

Rogerson House is dedicated to enhancing the lives of our residents and day program participants, all who experience some level of memory impairment.   Rogerson “ARCHES” (Art, Recreation, Community, Holistic, Expressive, Spiritual) is a robust expressive therapies program that is woven into the fabric of Rogerson House.  Projects use music, art, yoga, historic exploration and other modalities to promote self-expression and inspire a sense of joy and contentment.  Here are some examples:

The Beat of a Different Drum

Music therapy is known as a stimulant for people with memory loss, and at Rogerson House we embrace it every day.  One component of our music therapy program is community drumming. Residents choose from a collection of drums, all of which are of varying sizes and shapes, and produce different sounds.   Our music therapists lead participants through a series of rhythms and beats.  Success is achieved on many levels as drumming can relieve tension, and anxiety while connecting each resident with others in the group.  The sessions allow residents to explore a medium to engage in expressive and receptive non-verbal communication, and experience sensory stimulation.  Drumming can also be a conduit to release negative feelings, blockages and emotional stress.  As a result, participants always complete the drumming sessions feeling very “up-beat”!

One Thing Leads to Another…

Our music therapists have seen so much success with the drumming groups that our art therapists created a way to incorporate drumming into their art programs.  Residents are now designing and creating their own drums.  With the assistance of our art therapists, sonoform tubes, (usually used to form concrete pillars), and pack cloth are transformed into drums.  Tubes are in two different sized circumferences to produce higher or deeper sounds and participants choose which they prefer.  By manipulating & stretching wet pack cloth, the drum cover is created.  Each drum is decorated by the individual with their choice of brightly colored cloth, paint, paper or tissue.  This project allows residents to use a compilation of skills:  creativity in design, fine motor skills for construction and decision making when choosing their medium to decorate their drum.  Once complete, our residents experience a personal sense of pride, productivity and accomplishment and our music therapy drumming sessions now have a personal touch!

Projects have included:

  • Building and decorating a dollhouse complete with furnishings, quilts, carpeting, and tile to donate to a women’s and children’s shelter.
  • Creating a large colorful mural of paper cutouts after studying the unique creations of Matisse.
  • Designing and creating a stunning series of mosaic tiles.